5 Days Kenya Trekking +3 Days Maasai mara Trip.   07:12


http://www.opulentafricatours.com OPULENT
Kenya Kenya
56 Year
Tour operator based in Nairobi Kenya,operating tours and safaris in E.Africa region.

We also do the mountain climbing adventure to some of the highest mountains in the world,Mt.Kenya and Mt.Kilimanjaro.
I am back at home
5 Days Kenya Trekkin...
2010 (1 week)
Mt.Kenya Adventure Kenya United Kingdom 2009 (1 week)
Kenya Camping Safari...   2009 (1 week)



My travel status:
I am back at home
My current travel:
5 Days Kenya Trekking +3 ...
My other travels:
Mt.Kenya Adventure (2009)
Kenya Camping Safari-Masa ... (2009)
My visited countries:
KenyaUnited Kingdom

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